I am not able to install Desktop Sidebar

If you are getting messages like "Not a valid Win32 application", "7-ZIP unspecified error" when running installer please download installer once again. Installer is corrupted probably due to errors during transmission.

I am not able to upgrade Desktop Sidebar to the latest build

Usually it is caused by corrupted installer database. Please un-install old version manually or use Installer CleanUp Utility.

How can I install plugin or skin?

Download plugin or skin file and save it on disk with DSPACKAGE extension then double click on this file in Windows Explorer. Plugin or skin should be installed automatically.

Where I can find the .NET Framework?

Some plugins require Microsot .NET Framework. It can be installed from Windows Update or you can download and install it manually from .NET Framework v1.1 or from .NET Framework v2.0

Stock Panel doesn't work

Please download and install the latest build from download page.

How do I delete a Panel?

Right mouse click on the panel you want to remove and select Remove Panel.

How do I change order of my panels?

Note: The Lock option needs to be disabled from your sidebar. To do so, Right mouse click on the sidebar and check that the Lock option is unchecked.

How do I change the height of a panel?

How do I change the appearance of Desktop Sidebar? (Using Skins)

Note: There are many skins that have been developed by Desktop Sidebar users. You can find and download many of these from the Skinning Forum. If you have download a skin to your Desktop Sidebar directory and it doesn't show in the list restart Desktop Sidebar and check again.

How do I change a panel's settings?

How do I reset my Desktop Sidebar settings?

There are two methods to do this:

I have MSN Messenger, and Desktop Sidebar won't show the information in the panel!

To use the MSN Messenger with this panel you will need the latest version of BOTH the Windows Messenger and the MSN Messenger for the Messenger Panel to work properly.

To use the MSN Messenger you NEED to set a couple of options in the Windows Messenger:

How do I add a RSS feed to the Newsroom Panel

How can I display newsfeeds from HTML page?

 class=reg>Iraq Leaders Create Tribunal for Saddam

How can I save my RSS feeds from the Newsroom Panel?

You can go to the Panel Properties to see all your feeds for the Newsroom Panel. Look for the "Other" button and then select "Export Channels". It will give you the option to name the file and to choose the type of file. DSC files will allow you to save the HTML parsed feeds you have as well as the RSS feeds. The OPML file is only meant for just RSS/XML/RDF feeds. If you have an HTML channel in your OPML file, then it will not import correctly if needed be.

How do I integrate Desktop Sidebar with Internet Explorer?

How can I use the Command Line Panel to search for a phrase on Google?

Type '?' before the text that you want to search for.

How do I display specific folder in Toolbar Panel?

How do I change the Notes Folder used in the Outlook Notes Panel?

How do I remove the Sound Notification when a New Email Arrives?

How do I add my Yahoo email account to the Mail Checker Panel?

Why did my Sidebar disappear?!

The most common cause is because the user has enabled Auto-hide and the sidebar has retracted to the side off the screen.

Move your mouse pointer to the edges of the screen to allow Desktop Sidebar to pop back up.

How can I copy my settings to another computer?

You will need to copy a file named sidebar104.settings to the other computer, below are the steps to do this.

Can I run Multiple Instances of Desktop Sidebar?

Yes. You can run multiple instances of Desktop Sidebar, each instance will keep it's own settings allowing you to set them up individually to your needs.


Open up any simple text editor like notepad. Enter the lines below or copy and paste them.

cd Program Files\desktop sidebar\
dsidebar.exe -config "Desktop Sidebar 2"

The "Desktop Sidebar 2" tells windows to run a instance of Desktop Sidebar with the name "Desktop Sidebar 2". This can be done as "Desktop Sidebar 3" or anything you like, just remeber that changing the name of it will get rid of all your settings for that instance, unless you rename it the same.

Click file > Save As > Browse to the root of your C: Drive. > Enter Sidebar.bat as the Filename > Choose All Files as the File type > Click Save

Locate the file and right click it > Chose Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut). Now you can run the second instance of DS anytime you want to by clicking the shortcut.

Making Second Instance Run at Boot.

Copy and paste the shortcut in the 'Startup' folder in your Start Menu. Next time you boot the second instance of Desktop Sidebar should boot with windows, you should then be able to configure it to your needs.

There are also many different ways to code a .bat file to run DS. Use the best one that works for you.

I want to learn how to skin, where do I start?

How do I make my own panels?

Check our DevGuide Pages.

Please make **** Plugin.

Such requests can be made in the New Features Request Forum. Keep in mind that Desktop Sidebar is officially in beta. The current goal is to get its main functionality complete above everything else.

I have a PCTV card, can it be integrated into Desktop Sidebar?

This is one of the more popular requests. However, you should be aware of a couple of things first.

How can I add a separator panel?

You can put some space between panels with an Empty Stack Group Panel. Simply add a Stack Panel and make sure that the Autofit and Expand Options are enabled. The panel will dynamically resize to fill any empty space on your sidebar and push all panels below it to the bottom of the sidebar.

How can I change my Clock's Image?