Plugin: Sudoku Panel Download

What is Sudoku?

I'm proud to release the first game for Desktop Sidebar - Do you have some free time at job? Do you have to finish a project till tomorrow and you really don't want to do it? Is your wife dressing and you have nothing to do?

Play Sudoku in Desktop Sidebar!

Version 1.0 includes:
-Ability to generate new boards randomly - you won't get two equal boards ever.
-3 difficulty levels - for Sudoku beginners and advanced. Choose you level from the panel properties.
-Every generated Sudoku board can be solved - if you're stuck and don't believe it - choose "Solve board" from the context menu!
-Did you see a Sudoku board somewhere and you don't know how to solve it? Enter the numbers into the panel and it will solve the board for you!
-Entering numbers is simple - just click at the field that you'd like to change until the correct number is shown. Middle mouse button can be used to change numbers in reverse.

Author: Prism

Downloaded: 34275

Version: 1.0

Updated: 2005-07-01

Compatibility: DS Build 88